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Fortive Technology
Location: Everett, Washington
Size: 10,000+ employees


Essential technology for the people who accelerate progress.

For You. For Us. For Growth. 

Fortive (NYSE: FTV) is a global family of more than 20 industry-leading technology companies, united by a shared purpose: to make the world stronger, safer and more effective by providing essential technology for the people who accelerate progress. We take on big challenges that have real impact in dynamic fields like software development, robotics, transportation, energy and healthcare. With more than $6 billion in annual revenues and a culture rooted in Kaizen, or continuous improvement, Fortive is well positioned to create essential, technology-based solutions to solve the world’s most critical challenges. Our strong capability comes from smart, motivated people who proudly deliver excellence in each of our extraordinary brands in the areas of field instrumentation, healthcare, sensing, product realization, automation and specialty, and franchise distribution.


Fortive is headquartered in Everett, Washington and employs over 24,000 research and development, sales, marketing, product development, innovation, and service employees in more than 40 countries. This is a place where people who share a drive and passion to make a personal difference can learn, grow, and achieve. And that’s good... for you, for us, for growth. For more information, please visit:


Success at Fortive doesn't just happen. We have a proven system for achieving it, based on the concept of continuous improvement at the heart of our values. We call it the Fortive Business System (FBS). FBS is the foundation of everything we do. It guides how we grow our portfolio, how we invent new products, how we drive strong results across our businesses, and how we develop our people. It inspires us to be and do better.

We build extraordinary teams for extraordinary results. 

We believe in growth and invest in our people to make it happen. We are always leaning into the next challenge, imagining the next breakthrough, and designing the next innovation.

We believe in you. 
We believe in your potential—your ability to learn, grow and make an impact. 
And we believe in giving you the opportunity, accountability and visibility to do just that.

We believe in us. 
We believe in the power of great people working together to innovate and solve problems no one could solve alone. 
We build enduring partnerships with our customers and take on their challenges and opportunities as our own.

We believe in growth. 
We are honest about what’s working and what isn’t, and we work hard to innovate and improve. 
With a passionate focus on our markets and our customers, we learn and grow together to make a difference in the world.

For you. For us. For growth.

Fortive General Management Development Program - Full-Time & Internships 


GMDP Full time Rotation Program: Start Dates around July- September

We believe deeply that in order to live our value of building extraordinary teams to achieve extraordinary results, we must attract and retain the best and brightest talent that fully represents the communities in which we live and work. Fortive's General Management Development Program (GMDP) is a critical source of talent for our leadership positions. At Fortive we believe in your potential – your ability to lean, grow and make an impact. We believe in giving you the opportunity, accountability and visibility to do just that.

We’re not just developing future leaders, we’re asking you to run our businesses. Fortive is one of the few companies that offers an accelerated career trajectory and P&L management responsibility early in your career. GMDP participants typically move through three to four functional assignments, which may include product manager, sales manager, marketing manager, operations manager, and Fortive Business System (FBS) manager.


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